No.1 skill to master to have a successful life in 2023

We need many skills to have a peaceful, happy, successful life but in today’s time there is one thing that seems to be underestimated and overlooked by women, and that exact thing is pulling you back to have the most balanced, successful, and peaceful life. That skill is, “Balancing feminine and masculine energy.” By the way, this skill has always been needed in human beings to become the most complete version of themselves. But in today’s time, this skill is a must, to have a well-rounded life. Let’s look into the how and why?

Note: This article is for those who have a basic concept understanding of feminine and masculine energy. If you do not understand the concept, I would recommend that you research the basics on your own first, so you can understand this article better.

How the imbalance happened: Feminine energy is so underestimated, underrated, and looked upon as weak that everyone is operating from their masculine energy today. Unknowingly, but yes it is happening.
The thing is, this polarity is working so much against women because firstly, most women’s core is feminine energy but they are still unable to operate from it which is making them frustrated. And secondly, no one is telling them how to switch back to feminine from masculine whenever needed. Especially in relationships. When beautiful feminine qualities were misused and abused and women were physically and mentally harassed, they fell into the other end of it and stopped trusting the feminine completely and became masculine to protect themselves. That’s how feminine energy was wounded and feminism was born. Women lost trust in men and started building masculine energy in themselves in an unhealthy way. Rather than learning healthy boundaries to protect the feminine energy within themselves, they became wounded without any fault of their own. The only fault was that they didn’t know how to draw boundaries.
They did not trust men to provide for them and did not trust men with protecting them and to be honest, men dig this grave for themselves because now they are looking for feminine women and they are a rare breed. Basically, whenever a woman doesn’t get a safe environment, she becomes masculine to protect herself.

When we are working to build a career and be independent, it requires masculine energy which is quite natural and absolutely okay but the problem arises when women start to build their careers to prove their worth and earn their value through the outer world, forgetting that they are born with value and they are inherently valuable. When the same woman goes into a relationship, she tries to derive her value through her work, without realizing that in relationships masculine men do not find you valuable through how much you earn or the career you have built. They want feminine energy from you which is relaxing, calming, playful, and goes with the flow, live in the now, trusting. And as a career woman, it becomes very difficult for women to switch back to their feminine when it is not practiced enough.

Balancing in personal life: Now you will ask me why only women have to switch back the energy and not men. Well, it’s a very valid question btw. To be honest, both genders need feminine energy for relationships, but women are naturally wired for it. And the most important thing is, women themselves want masculine energy from men in relationships and men want feminine energy from women. Don’t we? You want him to plan dates, you want someone chivalrous, not to be confused, clear about what he feels for you, etc. All these behaviors come from masculine energy. If you are a woman who wants your man to lead the relationship and doesn’t confuse you about his feelings that means you want a masculine man who takes a stand for what he wants, has great clarity, has a provider mindset, etc. That means you need to be feminine to attract such a man. Hence, you are the one who needs to switch the energy. Women never got it easy. Did we? Or maybe I should say, masculine women don’t get it easy. Feminine women naturally attract what they want.

Balancing in professional life: We can get success in our professional careers by having masculine qualities such as target-oriented, strength, courage, leadership, assertiveness, etc but we can be respected by having femininity intact. Because feminine qualities such as empathy, politeness, supportiveness, compassion, etc win someone’s heart not just the pocket. For example, everyone wants to be the boss but the one who can balance both energies becomes the leader who everyone respects. Because the leader understands you and doesn’t just dictate you. And to understand the other person’s heart, you need compassion and empathy, and that’s a feminine energy quality.
Hence, if you are looking for that satisfaction in all areas of your life, then this skill will give you a well-rounded personality that is soft and strong as and when needed and this ultimately creates the life that you want. Indian mythology has this concept through “Ardh-Narishwer.” This concept has explained the unity of opposites in the universe. Feminine and masculine are designed to coexist in harmony.

How harmony between feminine and masculine looks like: Feminine energy is flowy, goes with the flow, lives in the now, is playful, creative, relaxed, etc, and masculine is logical, result-oriented, protective, courageous, structured, etc. Think of it like an eggshell, the masculine is the shell, it’s hard and protects the yolk which is flowy like a feminine. If the masculine is not there, the yolk has no direction or structure. It can flow anywhere, it has no base. If you boil the egg the heat makes the yolk a little solid which gives it a shape and a proper form. That’s the amount of heat (masculine energy) women need to balance both energies. So that we can be disciplined, structured, assertive, etc to get what we want in life without being dependent on anyone else.
Example: Because feminine energy is creative energy, she has a lot of ideas but those ideas will never come into reality if she doesn’t have masculine energy which is structured, assertive, courageous, etc. Hence, both of these energies have to coexist in each individual in balance. That is why men and women flourish more when they come together with the right/balanced energies within themselves.

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