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Sthiirta (Stillness) is founded by fashion photographer Manisha Shrotriya. It is a community for overall wellness for women. Sthiirta represents every woman who is feminine, unshaken, powerful yet calm, carries stillness and stability, she understands the power of femininity, knows/learning to embrace it (in and out) to her benefit in every aspect of her life.

Manisha started Sthiirta after an observation while working with many fashion designers and models for many years. She noticed how a feminine women makes an impression and stands out in the room full of beautiful women. She realized her love for femininity and elegant styling and how it turns the heads in the room when such women enters it. Hence, Manisha also added a feminine and elegant clothing shop for women on the website because she believes that your clothes changes your energy and if you want to tap into your feminine energy and uplifted best self, you need to start with the clothes. She sources clothes only for feminine and elegant category.

While working in the photography field Manisha saw the clear difference between masculine and feminine energies and it’s influence. Also, the importance of human needs irrespective of your gender. This is what we talk about here at Sthirta. How embracing femininity and understanding your power and capability as a woman and human being helped her even in the most masculine jobs that she does and why there is a lot of power in femininity and every women should embrace it. There is no doubt that your appearance is one of the ways to get closer to your feminine self but real journey starts from within. Hence, here at Sthiirta, we not only talk about superficial stuff but speak about spiritual stuff as well. Sthiirta is a state of mind that has clarity, calmness and ability to handle any situation. It’s a lifestyle, a journey to uplift the personality and finding your feminine, most human self where you feel at peace with yourself and feel home wherever you are. 

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