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A fashion photographer building a community for wellness of women

Femininity inside out

Sthiirta is a community for women who take care of their mind, body and soul. Has stillness and calmness. The energy that is feminine and influential. A woman who takes a step everyday towards accepting all versions of herself and that's how she becomes the best version of herself.

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So Glad to see you here

Sthiirta is a lifestyle of an elegant woman who is unshaken, calm, carries stillness and stability. It's an invite to like-minded women who believe in the power of femininity, knows/learning to embrace it to their benefit in every aspect of life. Our limited clothing collection offers this personality to you. Check out our shop page.

Office Style

Hello, my ladies, I am back with some great ideas for you to make a great impression in your office and get noticed in a sincere and respectful way. You cannot imagine how much your appearance make an impression in just one glance. Read the blog to find your style.

Basic Photography

We have a two-day workshop to introduce you to the photography business. This workshop is everything you need to know before you start photography. I just jumped into this field without any guidance and I wish I knew all of the things before which I am going to share with you in this workshop. Contact us for workshop details.

Men & Femininity

Believe it or not, men are a sucker for femininity. This quality has been underestimated for generations. Click to read, how femininity works in your favor in any area of your life.


My Happy Clients!

I loved working with Manisha. She styled me for my film premiere event. I was looking stunning and felt beautiful. All eyes on me HaHaHa.
Taruna Khanagwal
Manisha has shot my portfolio and did a wardrobe styling for the same as well. It was a wonderful experience working with her and I loved the final results of the photos. Also, I loved every single look.
Priya Singh

Area of Expertise!

After styling many models and actors through my photography work, this has become my expertise to make people look the best version of themselves.

Photography is teamwork. Manisha Shrotriya and her team created work over the years for her clients and individuals. Please check the photography page for work and bookings.

Femininity and elegance help you stand out from the crowd as a high calibre woman. Check out the blog posts for tips and tricks to level up yourself inside and out.

Anxiety brings a certain type of heaviness on the table, it’s quite uncool and makes you brain go almost crazy. Read this blog to find out why this happens and how to solve it. Your inner child is asking of you of something.

If you have heavier upper body and you have broad shoulders and a hunch back, this blog is for you. Inverted triangle body is kind of hard to style in a feminine way. This blog has some tips and tricks to look your best by the time you get rid of that hunch back.

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