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Style A Curvy Body

Best style tips for curvy ladies that no one told you.

A woman’s body changes a lot, you know that. The pressure of maintaining the perfect idealistic body (Set by society) is a nightmare. I have always had a slim body and now suddenly my body is changing. If you can also relate, then let me remind you that, you don’t have to be too hard on yourself. We all gain a little bit of weight after a holiday, Diwali, Christmas or at this time, after quarantine. We still want to look presentable when we go out after the lockdown. I am also going through a curvy body phase right now and I have noticed some tiny, unpopular changes that can elevate your look very elegantly and beautifully. This picture will explain to you the body types woman have, and today we are talking about the “Inverted Triangle” body type, SUCH A PAIN.

Woman body types









Inverted Triangle body has broad shoulders and it gets narrower as it goes towards the hip. Women who have this type of body knows what I am talking about. I myself have the same body type. When I start gaining weight, my problem areas are my neck and shoulders. When you have fat on your neck and shoulders and hands, it gives your body a little masculine feel, and when you get a hunch back behind your neck, it’s a nightmare.

hunchback problemsTill the time all you beautiful ladies are working on your bodies, let’s talk about some fashion hacks that can make you look stunning regardless. Also, here are some exercises that can help you remove the hunch back.




Tip #1: Wear Turtle neck or Deep necks.

Turtle neck helps you cover your hunch back and broad shoulders and give a nice shape to your face. Also, makes you look smart, chic and classy at the same time. The deep necks will make you look glamorous. A little bit of cleavage is magic, my ladies. I know all my elegant ladies are working on their bodies to get to the perfect shape that you like, in the meantime, try avoiding crew neck and boat necks because they only let the problem area visible.

Turtle neck









Tip #2: Choose black.

The lucky ladies who have an hourglass body type are the luckiest ones. even if this body type gets curvy, they still look beautiful. However, an inverted triangle body accumulates fat mostly in the wrong areas. This is one of the known facts that black hides the curves. If you want to look lean or less curvy, then this is the colour for you. Black is classy and black is chic. Did you see in the photos how turtle neck and deep neck is working for me, the other reason is, I am choosing black. When you are choosing colours (Afterall women are all about colours), make sure you are keeping the other 4 tips in your mind. When I do styling for my clients, and if I have to disregard any of these rules, then I compensate it with something else that enhances their personality.


Tip #3: Try to keep your hair straight and open.

I am going through a puffy face time as of now, working on losing my weight. I believe in levelling up in life, make the personality better and better every single day, that is why I observe details and that is what I use with my clients while styling them according to their personality. Hairstyles work wonders on our face. Try keeping your hair open and straight most of the time. This also forms the shape of your face and covers the back of your neck and some of the shoulders. That is another reason that the look in the above photos has worked out. I will show some more photos at the end of this blog, where I show the difference when I follow and don’t follow my own rules.


Tip #4: Do not choose baggy clothes.                    Urbanic clothing

I know we love wearing baggy clothes sometimes,
it looks beautiful and is so comfortable as well.
However, baggy clothes look better on us when
we have a slim neck and visible beauty bones.
When you choose to wear a shirt or any baggy
clothes, it will make you look kinda masculine.
Also, try avoiding a dress that has puff shoulder
and sleeves, it will make your shoulders look broader.
Skin hugging tops are good to go. Go for any clothing
that takes the shape of your body.


Tip #5: Keep your posture right.

I have been working as a fashion photographer for a long time now, and one thing I have noticed that drag everyone’s eyeballs to a woman when she walks into the room, and that is Confidence. There is a certain body language to a confidant person. The way she walks, the body posture when she sits, the way she talks and many other things. When you have a slouchy body posture that will ruin your entire personality. Keeping your shoulders straight is one practice that you want to do, it will help to remove your hunch back as well. I always tell my models to keep the shoulder and face a little stretched and straight, which helps them to look slimmer, confident and graceful in photos. It works in real life too.

To conclude my dear ladies, I want to say that, I am sharing my personal experience here. See the pictures below, when I make all the wrong choices and the changes when I make all the right ones. I love you all and the truth is, we are all beautiful. The 5 tips I have shared above are the best ones to keep your gorgeousness alive. However, if you want, you can disregard all those and make some of the other changes in the dress, accessories or any other thing that enhance your style. Feel free to leave a comment below with your questions and experiences.

Broad shoulder issues, hunch back, curvy fashion
I didn’t follow any of my own rules
Curvy lady fashion
Both the photos are selfie, with the same camera. This is when I follow all my rules.

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