Femininity works in your favor

How to make Femininity work in your favour?

Femininity is a controversial word. Certain characteristics, roles, attributes and behaviour generally associated with a female is called femininity, this is what google says. However, more than that, femininity is an “Energy”, which can be seen through behaviour in both, men and women, largely in women.
I know it is confusing and many psychologists are still debating on this topic because this energy has caused a lot of trouble for women from time immemorial. Traditionally, feminine energy traits are identified as delicacy, gracefulness, elegance, sensitivity, humility, empathy, sweetness, gentleness, supportiveness, affection, tenderness, nurturing, kind, helpful, devoted, warmth, emotional, vulnerable, etc. However, these beautiful qualities have been taken for granted and abused for years and seen as a weakness rather than a strength. Every coin has two aspects ladies, and nobody showed us the second aspect which makes all these qualities work for you, and in this blog, I am going to tell you the secrets that worked for me for years and will work for you as well.

What do I mean by ENERGY: Have you ever felt, when you live with someone and suddenly for no reason, both of you are not talking, there is something going on but you don’t know what it is. However, both of you can feel this lack of connection? That is “Energy.”
Has this happened to you that, you keep thinking of calling someone for the last 3 days but couldn’t for some reason and that person calls you? That is “Energy”
When your partner is not in the city and you are upset with him/her for some reason but didn’t confront them and suddenly you feel a weird “Energy” in your conversation and you know that your partner can feel it too. Yes! that’s the one I am talking about. Basically, energy is something that exists but you can’t see it, only feel it. This could be in any form like love, sadness, anger, peace, relaxation, happiness, resentment etc. The same way Feminine and Masculine energy are also around us, which is an accumulation of a lot of traits in itself.

When we imagine a feminine woman, we get a picture in our head of a gorgeous looking lady, who has a soft look on her face, speaks in a low volume so her voice is not audible much around her and can easily be suppressed, she is petite and her delicate neckless is falling on her beauty bones, she never expresses her feelings that she is hurt because she is afraid of hurting the other person. She sacrifices a lot to keep others happy. Right?

Let me tell you what femininity actually is.
Physical attributes are a big part of Femininity and Masculinity.
It is easy to spot a feminine woman in the crowd by just her looks.
However, it takes more than mere looks to identify a high calibre feminine woman. Yes, she is a gorgeous looking lady, who has a soft look on her face. Yes, she might be petite and her delicate neckless might be falling on her beauty bones. However, when it comes to her personality traits, she speaks in a low volume and soft tone, not because her voice can easily be suppressed, because she doesn’t have to yell to be heard. She rather not speak when she is not heard. She always respects her own feelings and body and is loyal to her heart. She never stays in a situation that is not respectful to her. She never yells to gain respect and never explains why she needs it. Her frequency is so high where no man can even dare of disrespecting her, and she doesn’t vibe with low frequency at all. Femininity is all about being in your own heart and body. A feminine woman feels her own feelings and gets the answers that help her to prevent hurting herself. I am glad you read this far, keep reading, you will understand it better.

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  1. I really like how everything you said you explained with apt examples. Alot of this will be helpful for me while I conduct myself in a relationship or at workplace! And please yes, write more about maintaining balance in a relationship! Loved the article! Keep it up!

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