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Fashion is something given to you by designers 4 times a year, it is mostly related to what is trending presently. However, style is something you carry every day. We cannot travel through time but we are lucky to be able to scroll through it on google and you can see that style has changed through time a lot. However, I don’t think we are contributing anything new and unique to fashion and style anymore. We are repeating the fashion just like we are remixing old songs.
Everyone has a unique personality and that can be judged up to a certain level, according to what you wear. It’s very natural to be attracted to the style that speaks for your personality or you can say you feel dragged towards a particular style because you feel, that’s you. We have 5 types of personalities here when it comes to styling yourself and in this blog, let’s consciously get to know your wardrobe personality, before you spend your money on a wardrobe that doesn’t resonate with you.

A Tom Boy: This was my style for years when I was growing up. Wrist bands and boys knickers were my things. I don’t get attracted to this kind of style anymore but I do understand it. If you are naturally attracted to shirts, rather than tops, caps rather than hats and if you think lots of pockets and ripped jeans are cool and comfortable then your style is inclined towards tomboy. Tomboy style could be mix and match as well. Many women are wearing feminine tops with ripped jeans and sneakers. Tomboy woman is not afraid to keep some pieces from men’s collection as well in her wardrobe. It doesn’t mean that she looks like a man, she just knows how to create a wonderful fusion of feminine and manly style.

Extreme Feminine: This one makes the world look angelic. She has such a soft and warm aura, I just want to look at her when she is around, she is like meditation, you feel calm when you see her. When she goes shopping, she ends up buying soft fabrics like chiffon, silk or satin etc. Clothes that are flowy, colours that are pastels most of the time. She is elegant, soft, calm and chooses to wear things that reflect the same, like a delicate necklace with a small pendant, light makeup, open hair or maybe loose bun, Sandals, or maybe feminine style boots (Nothing with a lot of metallic stuff or laces on it but the simple feminine once). She is a minimalist and her style is timeless.

Feminine and Chic: She is an angel with a little bit of spunk. Her personality is sexy, confident, she is human with mistakes. She wears everything that an extreme feminine wears and adds a little bit of spice too. You can say she is modern feminine, she is my favourite. Her style is smart, elegant, sophisticated.
She will choose a fitted top or a feminine shirt on a skirt, which she will tuck in, rather than choosing a baggy T-shirt. She will keep the jewellery minimal to none. Just like extreme feminine, she is elegant, so when it comes to clothing, footwear, jewellery or accessories, she will not choose anything too bedazzled or embellished. She likes to keep things simple yet stylish. Hence, a dress, matching sandals, sleek wristwatch, delicate jewellery, perfectly blended natural makeup and a clutch is her go-to style.

Fashionista: Who do you think of immediately when we talk about a fashionista? I grew up with Bollywood, so it would be Sonam Kapoor for me. A fashionista just cannot drop her fashion game even at the airport. She is into high fashion and best friend of designers. She doesn’t mind being overdressed a little and wear some over the top statement accessories or something that stands out. Actually, that’s her style. As she follows designers, she has a great sense of styling herself and that’s why she doesn’t mind experimenting with her style and doesn’t stick to what she is comfortable with, unlike “Extreme Feminine” and “Feminine and Chic” above.

Experimental: She is kind of close to the Fashionista, the only difference is, she might not be always into designers and the latest fashion. She actually experiments too much with her looks from head to toe. One day she has red hair and the other day you might find her blond. She is more into fashion hacks and keeps trying to mix and match what she has got. Don’t be surprised if she wears a bra over a t-shirt one day and calls herself Superwoman. Even if she is shopping, she buys something weird or something really normal and pairs it with something that you would not even imagine. Her personality is careless for other’s opinions more than anybody else.

We all can jump into any mood that I have described above. One day you want to be a “Tomboy” and the other day you might feel like “Extreme Feminine.” You never know. However, which one is most appealing to you most of the time? That is you, you found your style and you should always invest most into what you use the most. My inclination is more towards femininity and elegance. Hence, if you also have the same taste then I must remind you that, less is more. Invest in high-quality clothing and stuff rather than investing in quantity. This was a bit of basic advice to my elegant ladies reading this.
See you next time.

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