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I am back with an everyday style blog for my elegant ladies. This blog is dedicated to all the women who want to uplift their style game with minimum effort. We feel very confident the day we look good, or you can say until you really achieve true confidence, it’s easy to fake it with good looks. There are many aspects to keep in mind if you want to stand out from other average joe women and look elegant, groomed and uplifted.

It’s an everyday effort: My powerful laddies, you know that you didn’t get this power magically in one day. Slowly, gradually with time, you have built yourself this strong. In the same way, looking glamorous, groomed and put together is a hard job. It’s an everyday practice and effort. Suddenly applying face serum one day to achieve glowing skin is not going to give you results unless you apply it continuously at least for a month. If you don’t take care of your skin health every day by applying Aloe vera or eating healthy food, then getting the facial done one day is not going to help. If you want to be simple yet stylish then you need to pay attention to obvious details and skincare ranks number one. Keep your nails painted, keep your toes clean, your hair health needs to be strong, shiny and bouncy, at least wash them with good quality shampoo and conditioner on time if you can’t do much on a busy day. Give yourself all types of vitamins naturally through food. Follow the skin routine that suites you to accomplish glowy and shiny skin that doesn’t require much makeup. I am emphasizing more on skincare because you will not have to do much in terms of makeup if your skin is clear, shiny and glowy every day. Just a little here and there with a good shade of lipstick can level up your appearance.

Build your wardrobe carefully: If you are not aware of what type of style suits your personality or what you get attracted to most unconsciously, you can read my previous blog, “Check your wardrobe personality.” It will help you check which kind of style you are most attracted to, then you can build your wardrobe accordingly. We are talking about women who enjoy the elegant and feminine style. This type of woman can easily stand out from the crowd because every second woman is wanting to remove her clothes these days but an elegant woman would never participate in that type of desperate competition. She is old school with modern confidence, which makes her a perfect combination. Elegant women style themselves with respect and a little bit of spunk that attracts the opposite sex in a very sexy yet respectful way. It’s kind of teasing, it’s powerful.
Invest in dresses with neutral colours, which automatically does half of the job, choose light colours that are pleasing to the eyes, not something really bright like, bright orange, green or red. Every colour is good, just choose the right shade of it for the right occasion. Another trick is to choose the correct style of garment that fits properly with your body shape. Doesn’t matter how much it is trending, if it’s an ugly-looking design, just don’t go for it. Something that has laces on the side, or unflattering cuts from different areas does not scream elegance, it cheapens your appearance. Another important aspect is fabric. A piece of High-quality fabric is very important for a sober dress. there are so many sophisticated and feminine fabrics available in the market like silk, chiffon, cotton, linen etc. I am just totally not in favour of hosiery, this fabric cheapens your appearance immediately.
The below images will give you some idea of what I mean when I talk about simply stylish outfits. Can you see the difference?

Accessorize: Less is more. An elegant woman applies that in her style even if she is unaware of her elegance. She doesn’t want to be too bedazzled like a jewellery shop. Also, it differs according to the culture as well. For example in India, we have a culture of wearing a lot of jewellery, that’s like a status symbol. However, it might show how affluent you are but surely doesn’t show class. Even in Indian high-class families, women choose to be minimalist because an elegant and classy mindset believes that you don’t have to scream from the top of your building how much money you have got. If you are wearing something heavy in your ears then do not wear the neckpiece. When it comes to Indian brides, as per tradition we wear a lot of jewellery. However, when we are talking about being simply stylish on an everyday basis that’s not the look we will keep in mind because for a bride, that’s her special red carpet moment. If you want to be stylish and elegant in Indian attire and you like wearing heavy jewellery then choose only one heavy statement piece that you wear and leave the rest of the things simple. An example is mentioned in the images below.

When it comes to everyday western jewellery, the more delicate it is the more it will look elegant and feminine. Examples are below.

Groom Yourself: As I mentioned in the first point that it’s an everyday effort, so is grooming. Cleaning yourself every day, look fresh, especially take care of your skin and hair, smell nice, etc. All this comes under grooming. This blog is dedicated to the physical aspect of the elegant and feminine style. All the things we have discussed so far in this blog will make you look simply stylish and effortlessly expensive.
Elegance and grooming is not just the physical part, your behaviour matters a lot and we will talk about it in the upcoming blogs, till then keep shining.

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