What Equality Means In Feminism

Why is feminism going against women now?

Hello everyone, welcome back. I already love you if you have been following my blogs. I talk about personalities in and out, but majorly Fashion, Style, Femininity and Personal Branding. Basically, I am passionate about levelling up in life and I believe these are the major ingredients of a whole cooked meal called an attractive personality. I usually write for the ladies but this blog concerns both men and women.
The concept of feminism started in women’s favour. However, this concept has been twisted and misunderstood by the human brain now. Women and men, both are confused when it comes to feminism. I have seen well-known celebrities describing feminism in one word, “Equality.” After speaking to many men and picking their brains, I realised men are not able to understand or feel what exactly we as women mean by equality.

Equality in Feminism: Long story short, feminism is basically “asking for equal rights as men in the society on the basis of equality.” Feminism is the freedom to make the same choices as men and not being judged/threatened/disliked/shunned for it in society. When we talk about equality we confuse men because men are logical beings, they are more into their brains and women are into their hearts. So when we speak out about our rights not being equal, men subconsciously starts to compare women and men and I don’t think they are wrong either because they are into their logical headspace and logic says, comparison can be done between two equal entities. Now here is the catch that men and specifically women are missing, “Men and women are equal only on a human level but we both bring way different things to the table.” A man has more physical strength but emotional power still wins during childbirth, when the pain is equivalent to breaking every bone in your body. So how are men equal to women? We know that any industry that demands high physical strength requires men more than women, then how are we equal to men? Biologically, women have higher estrogen and men has higher testosterone that makes them process the same kind of feelings and emotions very differently. Women face more mood swings because of hormones they have and that makes most women a little indecisive (As per psychologists research men seem to be more decisive than women). All the reasons above and many others confuse men subconsciously or consciously. Hence, it is healthy for men to produce some amount of estrogen that makes them understand and have empathy for women and what they go through. In the same way, it is healthy for women to produce some amount of testosterone that makes them relate to masculine energy better and more than that, masculine energy helps in hustling in the world for today’s women. What men need to understand here is, when we talk about equality, we ask for the same education as men, the same freedom to walk in the night as men, the same salary as men if we have the same talent and working at the same designation, equal share in the property as brothers, not being called a slut for the occupation we earn through our hard work, the same recognition for the work we have done as men, etc. These are some small requests actual feminists are making, the ones who actually understand feminism. I have a perfect example for you to understand, watch the video below.

When we say cast members, it includes all the lead characters in the film. I am not saying that they have intentionally disregarded the contribution of women in the industry but actress’s names did not come up. No one has noticed this yet, looks like I am the first one noticing it. This is the equality women ask for which is not been given consciously or unconsciously.

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