5 habits to follow that can make you look elegant instantly

When you practice something for years then you can do it one day instantly. This is what I mean when I say these things can make you look elegant instantly, there is a lot of effort that goes into it for months or maybe years. Elegance is not something to show off to other people for a few hours when you are out, instead it is a lifestyle that you follow when you are alone. We have been disconnected from our femininity and elegance for years and led a life where softness is nowhere to be found. However, as an adult, now is the time to turn the tables around. By following these 5 steps, you are going to present yourself to the universe as an uplifted, refined, and most feminine self, where you attract the high-value people in your life who are rare to be found, just like you.

Body shape: If you want to become a high-value elegant woman, you naturally respect your body and treat it like a temple. You eat healthily, exercise daily, and are strict with your routine. And you won’t give this up for anybody. A healthy strong and attractive body is your reality and goal. No matter what you wear it looks good on a fit body. You don’t need to scratch your head to decide what to wear. Today, we are listening to “all bodies are good bodies” a lot but I think it’s an excuse for one’s laziness. People who have medical conditions are excused because they can’t lose weight for whatever medical conditions they are suffering from and they shouldn’t be so hard on themselves to lose weight. But if you are not one of them, please lose weight and you will see how light your body feels and how productive you become. Being extremely overweight anyways attracts diseases at later age.

Styling: Needless to say, even if you don’t have a slim body, styling is something that can make you look elegant. Understand what body shape is and dress accordingly. Your mood and body language get affected according to what you wear. Also, till the time you are a part of human society, your clothing will change other people’s behaviour towards you. It’s an honest truth. Luckily we have examples of elegant women and we can all take inspiration from them. I have observed three key points when it comes to elegant clothing,
1. solid colours are classic
2. Quality fabric and stitching are very important
3. The type of colours you choose.
You cannot buy a satin dress which is stitched with a normal sowing machine that gives ugly-looking stitch marks on the dress. All colours are beautiful but what kind of colours/shades are considered elegant. If you are a fan of printed clothing, it can be tricky to style but if you have mastered the art, by all means, go ahead. Also, don’t be afraid to look different. In the era where every 2nd girl is wearing ribbed jeans and caps, you stand out and be a woman who wears dresses, and hats to buy groceries.

Details: Elegance is in the details my darlings. I know many women who spend a lot of money on their nails, hair perfume etc but still, fail in achieving elegance because they miss out on details. There is a wonderful example in a movie I was watching, I am sorry I forgot the name of it. There were two makeup and hair artist who was invited through internal contacts to do makeup and hair for a queen and they had a very funky style of makeup and hair, they were trying to give very bright colours to her nails and hair, and makeup was very loud and they were good at their job but it wasn’t subtle and elegant. Then they both were trained by one of the castle workers on how elegance works and after 15 days they were able to achieve elegance in their work. The funny part is they both have very vibrant and loud personalities so they were cribbing and making faces that it’s basically boring what they are doing HaHaHa so much fun to watch. When it comes to elegance, less is more ladies.

Skincare: I mean come on, if I have to tell you the importance of daily skin routine, then you have a long way to go in elegance. Everyday skin care routine makes your skin radiant and last minute ready. Real Aloe Vera helps in de-tanning your skin, I used it for 25 days straight and got my real skin colour visible, but I got irresponsible and I have tanned again but I am working on it and will show you the results as soon as I achieve it, so keep following my blogs.. Using sunscreen every 2 hours, and cleaning your face a minimum 2 times a day is a must for a basic skincare routine.

Body language: It doesn’t matter how slim your body is, how beautiful your skin and nails are or what you are wearing. If your body language is very masculine, when you talk like a man walks like a man, have curse words on the tip of your tongue, are not centred, listen to answer not to understand, your aura is not relaxed, and your body language is very rushed, then you are far from elegant right now. I am a photographer and my body language changes when I am shooting, it’s very rushed because we need to get things done faster and save time to cut down on the production cost. It’s very hard for me as well to change the energy back to feminine when I am not working. Let me give you an example, I was staying with one of my friends for 2 days I went to her city for work, we were cooking together and I was trying to lite the gas and I was hitting the lighter very restlessly. My friend looked at me and said Manisha what are you doing, go slow. She finger quoted and said, “femininity”. And it made me stop and changed my body language immediately. When you talk slowly, walk slowly, move slowly, and respond slowly everything with you looks very relaxed, put together, calm and composed, this is the best quality to have and it makes you the kind of woman that every man is looking to date but only high-value men get her because she is high value herself.

When you follow these habits in daily life and act like you are already her, you will become her in no time. It’s the practice for months and years that shows one day in your personality and from that day onward, these habits are not an effort anymore, it’s a lifestyle.

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