the reason you should stay away from astrology

Hello peeps, it’s been a long time since I haven’t written to you all. Many things the life has unfolded in front of me so I have better content for you all that relates to levelling up in life. I want to start with astrology. I belong to a traditional, well respected Indian family where Pandits are like a family members. When I was born, my mother went to an astrologist and asked for my birth chart (Kundali) for my entire life, where all the details are mentioned about my life, such as what is going to happen in every decade of my life. I was also into it, I have read my Kundali so many times like I was obsessed. However, none of those things has come true so far and I have realised with time that one of the most important thought processes that keep us away from achieving the best version of our life is, “limiting beliefs.”

How astrology gave me limiting beliefs: After reading my Kundali, I saw things that I was very happy about and some things I wasn’t happy about. For example, my Kundali mentions a few countries that I will be able to visit. I was sad about it because all the countries that were on the list were not on my personal list of visits. Ever since I read that list, my brain automatically stops me to think about my personal list saying, “Ughh I am not destined to go there what’s the point” It shook my belief system that I can ever visit those countries that I have always wanted. My efforts to go to those countries went down drastically.
There were many things written about me getting married into a certain kind of (rich) family and what my guy will look like and how my firstborn child will be. I am still not married so I don’t know if all of that will come true but If I think about it now, it scares the hell out of me how much bullshit this sounds because there are multiple aspects to it. First, the astrologer is a village man, what if having 1 million is rich for him, what if I keep looking for everything that is written in my Kundali and miss out on what more life has to offer me based on my decisions. There you go, limiting beliefs. Many astrologers defined a particular year and months for me to get married and the years have gone by and that didn’t happen. Then the astrologer came up with another year for me to get married and when it still didn’t happen then he came up with another year and in the process, he died. I mean, may God give his soul peace but he literally died predicting my marriage probability year after year. Sometimes he said, I will have a love marriage then sometimes he said, now I will have an arranged marriage (I am an Indian). So, it creates a weird mindset that I might never get married. This creates, limiting beliefs plus negative self-talk, “Is there something wrong with me” or “what if I am left alone for all my life” because clearly, the Kundali has to be right. If I am not marrying according to what Kundali said, I might never get married.

Limiting beliefs restrict you so much and if you are not aware of your own thoughts, it might be the biggest enemy of all.
We all have had these types of thoughts in our heads sometimes and it is poisonous to our brain and prevents the positive law of attraction and creates a huge amount of limiting beliefs that we want to stay away from.

I am not speaking against or in favour of astrology, I am just saying it creates limiting beliefs and makes us believe that our life is not in our hands at all and perhaps we want that when we are in pain. However, I have taken so many life decisions so far that challenge the astrology of my life. Whenever life gets hard and out of control we turn to astrology for answers because we don’t have the patience to wait for life to give us the answers. Maybe we don’t trust ourselves sometimes that how powerful we are to turn our lives around in a better way. No matter how challenging the situation is right now, we turn to astrology. Basically, we need to learn the healthy control of life, we need to understand, that there are certain things we can control and certain things we cannot and that’s completely okay. You are paying a very high price by creating limiting beliefs just to find answers right away.

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