Elegant Summer Style

Elegant summer style. Do’s & Don’ts

The way you dress and the way you carry yourself shows how you treat yourself. Only a glace is enough to scan 50% of your personality and trust me, that’s a lot. Everyone has their own way of presenting themselves in society, my way bends more towards elegance. When you hear the word “Elegance” you must be thinking of some boring style tips that are coming your way, but not really. Let’s talk about some elegant summer styles that will make you stand out from every other woman walking down the street.

Tip #1: If you choose to wear shorts, please go for linen or cotton ones. (I am screaming)…

Please don’t be that woman who wears hot pants barely covering her bottom area. Let me say this out in the open that I am not against skin showing (Because I love that), also not here to body shame my lovely ladies (Because we all are beautiful and you know it). I am here to give you some better ideas to enjoy fashion in summer, in a most elegant and fun way. Now, look at these ladies in the pictures for the example, how elegant and classy they look while showing the skin. Invest in white colour shorts would be my recommendation because it will elevate your look and will help you stand out from the crowd, you will look smarter. 

Tip #2: Choose colours that soothe the eyes…

Avoid wearing black in the summer (Obviously), it is not very flattering to the eyes and catches a lot of heat. Pastel colours are the best for the summer if you are travelling or working in the daytime. I grew up in a beautiful small town in India and I have heard stories about my grandmother that she used to have a very different style from others in the entire town. People used to turn their heads in the streets when she used to pass by. That’s the kind of lady I imagine all of you to be. High thigh slit is bae in fashion, but it should not be too much. Showing cleavage is alright but not up to the extent where nipples are screaming to come out. You are elegant, feminine and beautiful my chickas. You don’t wanna look desperate, so everything in moderation is good. Look at the ladies in the pictures and tell me you won’t turn your head if you see them at a pool party.
Tip #3: Hats are back…
Hats are not something we wear very often. However, hats are very convenient in summer. It protects your hair and your face from harsh sunlight. I wish I had those photos when I visited Rajasthan (A state in India) a few years back and wore a hat all the time during my travel and I have to admit, it was a lifesaver. I believe hats are so elegant and make you look very chic. One accessory you should not miss out on this summer.

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