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When I talk about relationships, I talk about relationships between men and women in this article. It could be a workplace relationship or a romantic one. Relationships between these two genders operate on only two energies, Feminine and Masculine. Both energies can exist in both genders but women’s core is generally feminine and men’s core is masculine energy and that’s the dynamic we are talking about here.

Now, let’s address the elephant in the room, shall we? WE ARE LIVING IN A MASCULINE WORLD. Not in the “Man’s world” but in the masculine world. It means we have been taught to appreciate and value masculine energy more than feminine energy. And that is why, most women are also operating from masculine energy these days. Which is creating a lot of problems in relationships. How? keep reading.

To thrive in your relationships, you have to understand the feminine and masculine traits and their “Needs and Fears”.

Feminine TraitsMasculine Traits
Being energy
Receiving energy
Feels more
Into her heart
Creation energy
Goes with flow
Sensitivity, etc.
Doing energy
Providing energy
Thinks more
Into his head
Result oriented
Sacrifice, etc.

Feminine and Masculine Needs: The feminine wants to be loved and cherished and the masculine wants to be needed and respected. This is the core need of both energies. Although I am not saying that women don’t need respect and men don’t want to be loved. I am saying the masculine care more about being respected than being loved. And women’s core needs to be loved and cherished and that’s what makes them feel respected as well. Remember when The Weekend said in one of his songs, “Women pray for love men pray for cars”? That’s kind of true. When they both get their core needs met, they thrive and flourish in relationships and in society as well.

Feminine and Masculine Fears: Because the feminine’s core need is to be loved and cherished, relationships are important to her. Hence, her fear is abandonment. And that is why if a woman develops an insecure attachment style, it will generally be an anxious or fearful one. They feel fear of their loved ones leaving them.
On the other hand, masculine fear being a failure in relationships. Have you ever heard about “Hero Instinct”? Every man wants to succeed and be a hero for his significant other. then only he thrives in relationships. Being respected by his female partner is very important to him. Anything that might make him feel like a failure makes them run in the opposite direction. For example, if any self-respecting provider mentality man is not where he wants to be in his life, he would generally avoid getting married or in some cases being in relationships as well, doesn’t matter how much he loves the woman. And any high-value feminine woman who has a certain standard for her own life won’t settle for someone who can’t be in his hero energy with her. A feminine also wants a hero in her life who she can respect. Basically a feminine wants to feel emotionally and physically safe with her significant other. And feminine women go for anything that gives them a sense of safety because that’s how they thrive and masculine partners thrive by providing that safety because it makes them a hero. Hence, it’s a win-win for both of them.

Thriving in Chaos: Relationships are chaotic today. However, with the above explanation, I am hoping some of you have understood where we all generally go wrong. For the rest of them, let me elaborate a little more.
First of all, in today’s times, feminine and masculine energies are wounded in men and women. That means women are operating more from masculine and men are operating more from feminine energy. It invites a lot of fights when a man is too relaxed and laid back and a woman is handling all the stress. This situation might survive the relationship but doesn’t make it thrive. We unknowingly disrespect and devalue our partners and make them feel unloved. Women who aren’t into their feminine don’t know how to receive from the man so they either feel entitled or heavy or unworthy of receiving from their partner. Hence, women need to learn to receive gracefully. Receiving from a man doesn’t make you incapable or unsafe. You can get yourself whatever he is giving you, but by providing you the same on a platter he is trying to give you a softer life because he wants to have a feminine woman around and not a stressed ungraceful one. For a feminine high-value woman, a man is a luxury, not a necessity. We all know you can buy yourself flowers, but if he wants to buy you flowers, LET HIM.
Many men today are into their wounded masculine energy. They want a feminine woman but don’t know how to lead them, they aren’t givers. Hence, they keep hurting them and losing them by making them feel unloved. And many women are into their wounded feminine energy so unknowingly they keep on leading men and then keep complaining and feel unsatisfied in relationships because they don’t know that their core is feminine, they can be a boss bitch out in the world but in a relationship, they want to feel cherished, loved, relaxed and want a softer life.
I know men have done a lot of damage and I am not speaking in favor of them or either of the genders here, but men are not teachable, they are trainable. Hence, I am talking to you, my ladies. For whatsoever reason you had to be in your masculine energy to provide and protect yourself, but now it is high time that the world needs more feminine energy to thrive and not just masculine energy to survive.

Men are like dogs, in a good way I am saying. How do you train a dog, you punish them gently when they do something wrong and reward them when they do something good, this encourages them to do what you want them to do. A feminine woman knows her influence on men. She knows men are running the world, but she is running those men. And to all the lovely ladies reading this, I suggest making them run in the right direction. Don’t misuse your powers.
When a woman’s safety and survival are threatened she turns her masculinity on, to survive in the world and keeps losing touch with her femininity. Hence, keeps losing that influence on men. Men are not influenced by other men, they respect other men for what they have achieved. Hence, a masculine woman doesn’t have any influence on men unless she has achieved more than him. She might be able to attract him in because she might look feminine, but later on, if her energy is masculine, she will push him away for good.
To thrive in a relationship, the man has to be in his divine masculine energy and learn to lead respectfully, and the woman has to be in touch with her feminine energy to influence and encourage the man to do so. And to encourage she just needs to exist in her divine feminine with her high values and boundaries and her head held high.

If you are looking for passion in your relationship that never dies, you need to consistently follow this practice. And for women who face little difficulty in receiving from men, please read my blog for the same by clicking here.

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