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Hello my ladies, I am back with some great ideas for you to make a great impression in your office and get noticed in a sincere and respectful way. You cannot imagine how much your appearance make an impression in just one glance. An office is a place where you spent most of your day and that is why you need to look great and should feel comfortable for 8 to 9 hours. Once you uplift your personal style at the workplace, your colleagues, boss or employees see you in a more respectful way. Of course your talent matters but it could be taken for granted because of your appearance and we all have been there, so why not start your work transformation from today.
If you have been following my blogs, then you would know by now that I am a big fan of elegance and classiness. Hence, I cannot imagine an office outfit without utmost grace and elegance. These outfits are tried and tested in my office and earned a lot of “Head turns”.

A dress below the knee:

When we are talking about western style in the office, a below the knee dress is a must. turtle neck office dressI would always suggest going for neutral colours in an office environment because those colours are classy and don’t take attention from work. If we choose vibrant colours, we might look a bit too much. If you notice, you won’t find anyone holding a higher position in the company wearing vibrant colours to the office unless it’s an office party. Also, the dress should not be flowy, wear a dress that is properly fit to your body type. Make sure you are choosing the correct material. I have seen some women wearing a hosiery skin fit below the knee dress and that is very awkward because hosiery material looks very cheap that makes your body looks cheap. I am bleeding from my eyes even thinking about it. Choose cotton, mix cotton because it is the most comfortable and breathable fabric or any fabric that feels comfortable and looks classy, just not hosiery.

A dress little above the knee:

office skirts

Do you have a dress/skirt you think is very decent, just a little bit above the knee and perfect for an office environment but your office does not allow above the knee dresses? My ladies, if only you would have considered stockings. When you want to make any above the knee dress decent and elegant, always use stockings with stiletto heels, or you can go for block heels as well but make sure you wear heels of 2-3 inches only or a maximum of 4 inches. Wearing a high heel of 5-7 inches in the office is not appropriate or comfortable for 8-9 hours and this footwear rule applies for below the knee dresses as well. Hence, the good part is, you can use the same footwear for both below and above the knee dresses depending on the colour. Choosing neutral colour footwear would work with all the dresses most of the time.

Palazzo & Trouser office wears:

The best thing about palazzo is, that it can be worn in the office and can change your look when pairing it with a casual top for a semi-professional or casual look. Especially if you are short and wear a palazzo with heels then it will give an illusion of long legs and makes you look taller. I cannot forget the iconic Jane Birkin’s palazzo look in 1974. Such an elegant look with a semi-professional style that can be carried in the office if you tuck in the shirt and can be carried casually as she carried it. I totally love her. However, she is wearing a puffy sleeve top that is see-through and if you have an inverted triangle body then I would suggest you wear a top that takes a shape of your body, especially turtle neck would look very smart. Also, I would recommend wearing a top that is not too much see-through in the office and is of cotton, satin. silk, chiffon, or any fabric that looks very light to the eyes. I love linen but it’s not very appropriate for the office as it gets wrinkled very easily. The good news is, you can pair your top wear with both palazzo and trousers. Trousers look the best when they are ankle length. If you have a pair of trousers that is below the ankle or has a narrow ankle and the bottom gets folded, you can easily get it tailored. This little change will make a big difference in uplifting your appearance. Vanheusen has good options for women office top wear. When we talk about footwear with palazzo, it needs to be worn on a heel because it will get in your way of walking and you might trip a lot. Hence, the good news is, the heels can be worn on palazzo and trousers both and is not visible in the palazzo. It gives an impression of wearing new footwear every time with trousers. Both the attires has to be accessorised with belts to make them look put together. Click here to see sthiirta Palazzo and click here to see the office top we have that goes with the palazzo really well.

office fashion style


Indian Office Look:

This type of office attire might look like a theme party competition in other countries but in India, women wear this on a daily basis in the office and that is “Salwar Kurti”. Deepika padukone in piku filmThis attire has been admired through generations and women love it in India, so how can I ignore this beautiful outfit in this blog. The film “Piku” has great examples of Indian office wear. Each and every Salwar Kurti is very elegant and classy, I personally love the style Deepika Padukone is carrying in that film. This attire is so beautiful and comfortable at the same time. Cotton and silk are the best material for this attire, I haven’t really seen these parallel salwar kurta in any other material anyway but even if you see any other material, still go for cotton and silk only because they make you feel comfortable for a long duration and obviously look elegant. This attire gives you freedom in terms of footwear. You can choose to wear Mojdi, bellies or heels, everything will look good on this attire.


Accessorize: office jewellery

Be a minimalist when it comes to wearing jewellery in the office. I have seen some women wearing over the top jewellery or some weird designs in the office. I am not judging anyone here, maybe it’s normal in their culture to wear something like that, but if you are looking to uplift your lifestyle and office appearance and you want people to not think of a jewellery shop as soon as they see you, then go minimalistic. Being a minimalist is classy and doesn’t take the attention off your work. A watch will make you look smart and a necklace will make you look feminine. Choose a neutral colour bag that goes with almost every attire and can carry your basic makeup kit and women essentials. If you need to carry the laptop everywhere for your work then there are bags available in the market that can carry both but please do not carry a backpack, it will literally make you look like a mature woman with collage styling sense.

You don’t want to go for backpacks. Look how juvenile they look.
Choose something like this.








We sometimes neglect the power of our appearance. Most of the time our capabilities and talent can easily be underestimated or overestimated by how we look. I have also been treated differently because of how I carried myself on that particular day. Every day is a new day and you get opportunities every day to transform yourself and start a new life. Don’t let people misunderstand your potential.
Bye for now, I love you all.


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