Mumbai to Pondicherry

French India: As the French ruled Pondicherry once upon a time, you will find French Architecture here and especially the French Colony is beautiful. The houses have big french windows that make me wanna sit in those windows wearing a french vintage dress with flowers in my hand. The whole place is so dreamy, I literally rode the rented bicycle for more than 2 hours without getting tired. This city has pretty much empty roads, beautiful libraries, restaurants and hotels at the beach at nominal prices, the sun rises from the ocean, french architecture, colourful houses, cheap stays and wonderful south Indian food and you don’t wanna miss Le Café right at the beach with europian style food. Auroville is probably half n hour away from Pondicherry, it is famous for its golden globe (Matrimandir). We did not get the time to go inside the globe but it seems like it is a meditation centre. You can read about it by clicking here.

Pondy and Auroville in 2017

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