Mumbai to Pondicherry

What makes you get out of bed? I am sure if you are a travel lover like me, then you have an entire world to explore and that’s what makes me get out of bed. I have a special love for the southern parts of India and whenever I enter the territory of Wada Sambhar I can imagine my tongue smiling before the lips. I have visited many places in south India but Pondicherry calls me back over and again for some reason. Visiting this small city thrice is not enough for me and I will share the essence of this place in this blog, which attracts me to travel back to this Arbindo’s city every time.

How To Reach: Flights directly from Mumbai to Pondy is expensive, so I had taken the flight to Chennai and then took a taxi from Chennai airport to Pondy. This way you get cheap flights and can stop for two beautiful spots on the way to Pondy. There is a crocodile park on the way. Well, reptile family creeps me out but we had my brother’s baby with us and we wanted her to experience it.
The second stop is Mahamallapuram. I visited this small place when its name was Mahabalipuram and I visited again in December 2020. This beautiful small town is famous for Krishna’s butterball. This huge round stone is somehow standing on a slope and surprisingly not rolling down. The stories say, lord Krishna used to play with this ball. Another attraction in Mahabalipuram is Shore Temple. The Localites say, they found another 6 temples when the cyclone hit the town and seawater went a little back after the cyclone. However, now you can see only one. These are some famous places to see when you drive from Chennai to Pondy. However, I get attracted to the seashore and other water bodies that keep you company almost till Pondy.

Where did we Stay: Well, I have been to Pondy Thrice with a different experience each time. I have stayed in a hotel when it was a family trip in 7th grade and this city was plastered in my mind and at that moment I knew that I will come here again. In 2017 I re-visited Pondy for my cousin’s bachelor trip and stayed in the dorms for 4 days and guess how much did I pay? Only 80 bucks per day, so that is Rs. 320/- for 4 days for a nice clean dorm. Three girls and one boy on the trip, all the girls shared the same dorm room and for our male friend they gave him a different room in the same dorm. However, there are many dorms available that provide common stays for families and friends. When I visited Pondy again in Dec. 2020 I stayed in Aurobindo’s Society with a wonderful sea view room for under Rs.1500/- for 3 adults and one child including breakfast. However, you need to follow all the rules of the society and the most important one is 11 pm society entry closes and alcohol is not allowed inside. Basically, it’s a very peaceful stay and not a commercial hotel. Society has many activities like yoga and meditation. Also, I have observed people like you and me working for the ashram out of their own will. They serve sattvic food which means it is as simple as they come. I stay in Mumbai and live a very fast life, so I love peaceful stays like these. If you are looking to detox your mind and soul, this is your place.

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