Modeling master workshop for female models (Inside and Out work)

Models are hangers, how many times we have heard this term in the industry? It makes the models feel invaluable. let me turn this phrase into a compliment.

I am a fashion and commercial photographer for the last 10 years. I have worked with multiple brands and with new models to experienced models, at every stage of my career. Let me tell you what no one told you, WE NEED THOSE HANGERS. Let me explain what I mean by this.

The first thing, the moment you show extra expressions you are taking away the attention from the products, and the second thing, if you want to look impactful, your eyes need to speak more than your face. Everyone has a personality but for models, it has to speak from their eyes. It has to scream confidence.
You need to look impact full and graceful without any expressions on your face. It’s like no makeup, makeup look, the same way no expression, expression look. Some people have this quality inherently and most people build it with practice. It starts with a complete inner work that no one has ever taught you, especially not in a modeling class and especially never in India. This is India’s first-ever modeling workshop that makes you work on yourself inside and out.

I can tell a model to put her hands on her waist but how to put that hand on her waist is something that comes from within. Everyone has their own style, and to find your style, to find your own rhythm, it takes more than just Modeling class and how to pose class. You are mistaken if you think your skin color or your body size matters to become that face, that is wanted on magazine covers and brands.

I am here to spill all the secrets because I have built myself from the ground up and this is not just a how-to pose class, this is building a personality that shines through your eyes. How to build that inherent style, behind the camera perspective as to what we think before choosing any model, what we need from a model while shooting, and what makes you our favorite that we choose you over and over again? I will show you the flow of the shoot with a professional model so you can learn and then, I will make you stand in front of the camera and let you shine.
So click on the links mentioned below and choose the dates to attend the workshop.

What do you get in the workshop:
Day 1:
1. Meditation session
2. Femininity concept teaching
3. Dance session

Day 2:
1. Styling session
2. Behind-the-camera perspective (Photographer’s and Cinematographer’s perspective)
3. How to pose session
4. Photoshoot session with a professional model

Location: Mumbai (Exact location and timings will be sent to you via email after the registration)

Register yourself by choosing the dates:
24th-25th June 2023
1st-2nd July 2023

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