How to Maintain Femininity & elegance in the rain

It’s difficult, isn’t it? Looking your best in rain seems like a hard job, what to wear which mud doesn’t spoil, what to use so that your hair doesn’t get frizzy and body odour doesn’t give us the hard time. In the rain, operating with your complete grace and elegance is quite difficult, especially when you are a working woman and you need to travel every day to work. Well, I have some styling tips for you so it keeps you running with your complete confidence.

Quick Dry: Use the type of fabric that gets dry easily, like polyester, nylon rayon etc. These are the fabrics generally used for sportswear but the problem is these fabrics smells also fast because of sweat. There are some natural fibres that dry faster like cotton, wool, etc and these fabrics look much better than man-made quick-dry fabrics. If you know that you are going to be out for a long time wear something that is till the knee or above the knee and gets dry quickly and I do not mean light fabric that becomes transparent with one drop of water.
Sthiirta has a beautiful Skirt and Elle Denim Shorts that could be perfect for you. Also, for monsoon, the denim is a big No because it tends to get heavier and dries later, I wouldn’t say no to the shorts, that can be alright for monsoon. However, I would confidently recommend the Skirt I have mentioned before.

Raincoat Choices: Choose a raincoat that highlights your curves not hide them. We have seen many beautiful girls wearing a raincoat that looks like a tent. I want you to re-think it and pay attention to the details. When we wear raincoats our body already gets hidden and the woman’s curves make her look more feminine when curves are highlighted, this trick works on any body type. Also, it is difficult to handle the big baggy raincoats anyways. When you are wearing a raincoat that is according to your body shape and fits you well, it is easy for your body to operate. Also, it’s sort of obvious but still saying it, keep an umbrella so you don’t have to cover your head with the raincoat when the rain is not too heavy. The umbrella kinda gives a dreamy look too.

Hair Tricks: Women who have naturally straight and silky hair, this one isn’t for you and I am a little jealous of you because just like many others, I have got naturally wavy and frizzy hair. Humidity in monsoon season gives everyone a little frizzy hair but Wavy and curly hair women especially struggle with it. Hair being frizzy is something very natural and you don’t have to be worried about it when you are at home or meeting friends who you have known for years. However, you want to look your best when you are going for a meeting or going on initial dates etc. So, what do we do? I would say, make a sleek bun with the hair spray. That’s my go-to in summer and monsoon. It elevates the look so much better than open hair during this season and it is extremely time-saving. Also, there is a little trick that I do for my wavy hair. After washing it, I leave it for air drying and once it is “almost” completely dry, I make a bun for a little longer time, then I take a soft cloth and tie it around my head for like 1 hour or so, and do not expose it to direct air. When I open my hair after this, it stays without frizz naturally for at least 24 hours or sometimes till the next wash. Depends on how I am handling it. You can also try and let me know.
There are so many hair products available in the market these days which will help you hide the frizz for a short period of time, we use those products in the fashion industry for models. However, I would recommend following a healthy routine for your hair that will make it less frizzy in your day-to-day life. Check out this video which I found most relevant for wavy hair, and this video for curly hair.

Footwear: Everything is a challenge in monsoon but this is a big one. I have spent so much money on buying the wrong footwear for rain and sometimes it’s hard to find footwear that looks chic and still sustains in the rain. It feels really bad to wear some ugly-looking footwear on a beautiful-looking outfit. So first things first, leather is a No-No in the rain. Also, avoid wearing open-ankle flats because they will splash the mud on your back when you walk. Some luxury rain boots, like Lemon Jelly, Burberry, Classic hunter boots, Chloe etc have amazing colours and patterns. However, if you don’t want to spend that much, we have some nice options on a nominal budget as well, like EverQupid on Ajio, SolePlay by Westside, Truffle Collection on Nykaa, etc.

Bags: Women’s handbag is like a mystery land where things magically appear. Quite funny and true. So it’s time to rearrange that magic land because in rain you might need to carry an extra pair of clothing, an umbrella and if you are going to work then a laptop too. etc. Your handbag has to be big enough and strong enough to handle all this. Also, most importantly, make sure the material of the bag doesn’t absorb the water and if you are travelling, then you need to be extra careful of the bag you choose. Leather bags have to be protected from water so those are out of the window. Some examples are below.

Choose the material that doesn’t soak the water, and plastic covers for handbag protection are a hit in the rain.

Every product mentioned in the blog elevates you into a more feminine and elegant woman and also makes you look & feel comfortable. By paying attention to these small details we can be on top of our game even during the monsoons.

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