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Hello Ladies, I have some wonderful makeup tips and hacks for you that will make you look glowy, shiny, glamourous and rich. I am a professional photographer, which gives me the privilege to work with many makeup artists. I am no expert in makeup and this blog is based on the observation I have done over the years to achieve a glowy, glamorous and rich look. These are the hacks I use when I do my own makeup for parties and meetings. I prefer simple make-up all the time. For me, less is more. Still, there are many things to be considered to achieve this look but I will simplify all of that for you here. Let’s talk about what is completely out of fashion these days, or you can say does not look elegant and appropriate.

What not to do: The Red and black combination is way out of fashion now and doesn’t look classy and elegant either. For example, if you are wearing black smoky eyes then do not go for bright red lips or any dark share of lipstick. It doesn’t look decent. Heavy eye makeup always goes best with neutral lips. I would not recommend choosing red lipstick with a black dress at all (It’s a personal preference) but still if you want red lips then, go for neutral eye makeup. I have seen many girls wearing smoky eye makeup with bright red lipstick that gives them a vampish look, that no elegant woman would wanna be associated with.
Oh mon Dieu a visible lip liner is cheap. It’s an old fashion, I don’t know why it was there in the first place. I never liked it even when it was in fashion, it cheapens your appearance. I have a very thin upper lip, so I use lip liners to give my lip a shape but smudging it with the lipstick is a must. Let’s dive into the skin type.

Skin Type: I won’t lie, I am blessed with good skin. Even when I hit puberty I never got pimples and still don’t face that problem. I have a wheatish skin tone with very little facial hair so I have never really done threading. My skin type is normal, not too dry and not too oily. I wash my face twice a day with normal temperature water taking good time and use simple vaseline body lotion on my face. I have the Aloe vera plant at my home so I apply the natural Aloe gel on my face twice a week but I am going to start doing that every day now, it’s really good for the skin and removes the tan. I apply Ubtan (A mixture of Besan, Oil, Turmeric and milk) made by my mother once in two weeks on my body and face. Keeping healthy and moisturised skin is helpful, it blends and enhances the makeup better.

The products I use and how I use them: I do not use makeup much, it feels like I am wasting the money. If you also feel the same way but still wanna look elevated, then keep reading.
Once I bought a foundation and I had to throw it after 2 years without even using it at all. So I had to figure out the products that are good for skin and doesn’t cost much. One of my makeup artist friends Anusha Shetty suggested to me a great replacement for primer and apparently many models and celebrities are using it. The name is Emolene. It moisturises the skin so good that my foundation melts into my skin. After using Emolene I use Studiowest concealer and foundation. It’s a TATA brand that is not very famous but has great products with reasonable prices. I have been using it for a long time now. These days I am using Nyka foundation that gives me a very natural look and matches my skin tone the best. It doesn’t look good and it is not a sign of self-confidence as well when you try to change your skin colour just because you are not comfortable with what you have got. Many women use lighter foundations to look fair and as result, their faces look way different from the body. A compact powder is an important part of makeup. It settles all the layers of makeup and helps it to last longer. I did not use the compact powder in this look though, but I generally use StudioWest compact powder. You should never use the compact powder that is a lighter tone than your skin, it will make you look grey and cheap. Use a sponge or blush brush to apply foundation and compact both. I use a sponge because I feel it blends better.
After making the skin tone even, now comes the artist part. I am in love with the SUGAR Contour De Force Face Palette. It has a highlighter, a contour and a blush. such a perfect combo for light and natural makeup. I have high cheekbones so I avoid applying highlighter on them, but I love the shine of it so much that I still apply just a little bit. If you are also a fan of bright lipstick like me then you wanna go easy on the eyes. I anyways have hooded eyes so putting a lot of makeup on it, is a waste. Maybelline mascara works really good for me, or when I want a little more natural look, I take natural Aloe Vera gel in my mascara crush and use it on eyelashes. It gives such natural, fresh-looking curl up eyelashes. If you already have big eyelashes then the Aloe Vera trick is golden for you.

Your personality, body language and confidence change after you look better than yesterday.

I am slowly trying to learn the art of makeup more and buying different products to experiment with. Will come back with more tips in future. So far, this is what is been working for me, that makes me look elevated and elegant.
I hope this helped you. See you later.

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