Best Fashion Photography Lenses for Canon Users

Hello to my photography freaks. I had started my photography journey with a Nikon D3200 camera in 2012. Later I switched to Canon 6D a full-frame camera, I still use the same and hire anything else that is required as every photographer do. I have been a Canon user for a while now and have been using their equipment frequently. In this blog, we will talk about Canon lenses that will give you great results in fashion photography.

  1. 50mm f1.8: Let’s start with this fantastic lens, which is in budget as well. This lens is great for begainners in photography. I used to shoot most of my portraits with this lens in start of my career and I still use it sometimes to naturally blur the background and I like the fact that it fits with full frame and cropped senser both the cameras. My recent 50mm f1.8 shots are below.
  1. 50mm f1.2: This USM lens is little bit heavier than 50mm 1.8 and only fits with full frame cameras. However, the quality is mind blowing. I used it many times for bokeh effect, a professional lens for fashion portraits and portfolios. It has the aperture of f1.2 so obviously faster than 50mm f1.8. However, any lens that has the quality of opening the aperture this much makes it little difficult to focus but you will achieve that with practice. Some of the 50mm f1.2 example is mentioned below.
  1. 85mm f1.2: I am smitten on this one although this is really heavy. Atleast heavier than the above two. This high quality lens can focus on your one eye and blurr the other. It can give you bokeh effect like no other lens. Also, it can completely blur the background in a way that only main subject is visible, such a powerfull lens. An unedited image looks like it is edited. Just like 50mm 1.2 this is also built for full frame cameras only. Some example of 85mm is below.
  1. 24-70 f2.8: I find my image backgrounds very dreamy with this lens. It’s not too blur, not too clear, it’s just perfect without any efforts. It gives you right colours, right contrast and very sharp image quality. I love block lenses that I mentioned above but having a zoom lens that gives you perfect picture quality is definetly handy, especially when you are shooting an event or a wedding, where you don’t have time to change the lenses. This lens has perfect aparture to focus and doesn’t change aperture automatically when you change the focal length unlike 18-55 for cropped senser cameras.
  1. 24-105 f2.8 and f4: I have got 24-105 f4 with my Canon 6D kit and I love this lens when I need to shoot weddings or any e-commerce shoot. This lens gives me great focus and clarity because the aperture starts with f4. However, it ditches me in low light conditions so I would recommend f2.8 aperture and it works like a charm at weddings or any event. I love the focal length so I can take candids from far and for fashion and apparel shoots it gives me the right colours and contrast. Built for full frame cameras only, totally in love.

There are other lenses as well for fashion photography especially for portraits like 35mm f1.4 and 70-200 f2.8 but I haven’t used these lenses yet. I will do it soon and will give you the review. My go-to lenses are 85mm for portraits and 24-70, 24-105 for zoom lenses, these three lenses work best for me because I shoot people, if you do the same then these lenses will get you through any photoshoot.

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