5 Things that bring calm to your personality

A woman who brightens up every room she enters with the peaceful aura she has. Everyone wants to talk to her because her energy is so inviting, open and warm. When you see her face and body language, a certain kind of stability is overflowing. She has stillness while she walks, there is a peaceful silence when she talks. You can literally see her lips moving in slow motion when she speaks. She has a proud face with a humble smile. What did she do to achieve such a personality? Emotional ups and downs are a part of life but these 5 things will give you peace, happiness and stability most of the time, which will help you handle the darkest moments of your life gracefully.

  1. Meditation/Yoga: One of the best ways to achieve calmness is to know yourself and meditation is something that can help you observe your thoughts. When you will start meditating, it will be overwhelming and you won’t be able to concentrate. However, do not stop your thoughts, let them cross your mind. Your job is to observe them. Scientifically proven, humans have repeated thoughts in a day 90% of the time. Hence, while meditating you are going to get the same thoughts over and over again and you are going to get bored of them after a point and you will find answers/solutions during the process too. Once you are bored of your same thoughts, your brain will be at peace and this becomes an addiction which is more powerful than alcohol.
    Yoga or any form of exercise helps you achieve balance and discipline. Also, you get a great body and it helps your mental health too. Healthy body, healthy mind, happy soul.

  1. Self-Soothing: People who have attachment styles leaning towards anxiousness have the tendency to seek validation and reassurance from the outside. However, it is very important to self-soothe, so we never fall into the trap of neediness, and assumptions, and understand the right expectations according to the situation. People talk about having a healthy boundry. However, I would say, self-soothe first and then boundaries will automatically follow. If you don’t know how to validate yourself, to seek that validation you will keep breaking your own boundaries. Repeating this process will break down your confidence and you will lose respect for yourself. Hence, once you achieve self-soothing, it will be a big step towards inner peace. Writing in my journal is what I do to self-soothe, everyone has their own ways, find yours.

  1. Right Food: I had dominos today. However, it’s important to give your body detox food. I have noticed, that when I eat greens consistently and give my body exactly what it needs rather than junk food, it rewards me with physical strength and a fast brain. Eating healthy food that your body needs, improves mental health. There is a concept called “Satvik Food”. There are certain types of food that are to be avoided if you need to follow the Satvik diet. It is been said, that if you follow Satvik food diet, it has a calming effect on your brain.

  1. Vulnerability: Being vulnerable is power, let me start with that. Saying what you want exactly when you want it, invites a lot of positive outcomes and less drama. I have tested vulnerability in the workplace, in family relationships, romantic relationships and I was never disappointed. If you think, you need space, say it, or you need reassurance, ask for it but without expecting the outcome, otherwise, you are only inviting fights and drama. We all need to learn to be vulnerable without expectations. When we open our hearts without any expectations, without trying to control the outcome, then only we get positive results. Being vulnerable in real-time doesn’t build up any negative energy and doesn’t invite assumptions and this makes us less anxious at every step of the process. Once we learn the art of vulnerability, we will find a calmer and happier version of ourselves.

  1. Flowers/Fragrance: It is scientifically proven that using flowers and fragrances on a daily basis has a calming effect on your brain. That is why aroma therapies are such a hit. Having real plants in the house not only teaches us to be caring and nurturing, but nature and good fragrances around you also give you relaxation, freshness and a divinely calm effect on your brain.

Feel free to comment below on your ways to find that calming effect that makes your personality peaceful, open and inviting.

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