5 Fashion Trends that are not elegant whatsoever

Hello, my ladies. If your style is classy and elegant, then I am going to save you from damaging your personal brand in this blog. We get confused sometimes because of fashion trends and make some crucial mistakes by wearing clothes that will not be going to add up to our personality in a respectful way. These clothing styles are in trend these days and you can find many people following those trends.

  1. Open Zip Denim: I see every 2nd girl on Instagram wearing denim shorts or jeans this way. Literally, my eyes bleed every time. It looks so cheap, no matter what situation or place you are choosing to wear it. It cheapens your elegant personal brand in a second. I generally talk about styles that will look good in different situations, like gym outfits are good as long as you are wearing them during your exercise and not at the airport. However, this open zip trend is literally a disaster for any elegant women’s or any women’s personal brand.
  1. Bikini Trends: Have you seen women wearing Bikinis barely covering their vagina and nipples. Looks like they literally wanna pull their bikinis to their breasts. Bikinis are anyways not covering your body obviously but you don’t need to write desperate on it. There are so many feminine and elegant bikinis out there.
  1. Lace-Up Bodycon Dress: This dress does not look elegant at all in any situation. The dresses with laces on the side or in the front. I have no idea what could be the intention behind inventing these dresses but it is a disaster for sure.
  1. Ripped Jeans and Exposed Pockets: I am going to break many hearts when I say Ripped Jeans are not feminine, not elegant and makes your personal brand very juvenile. I come from a background where I literally rebelled to wear jeans. I was crazy about jeans for a really long time and now I realise it makes my body language a little masculine and that is why I personally am not a big fan of Jeans anymore, untill I am running errands or doing a photoshoot as a photographer. However, every women out there who wants to wear jeans, I would not recommend keeping Ripped jeans and exposed pocket jeans in your wardrobe, It’s not going to add up to your elegent personal brand.
  1. See through clothing: I am a photographer working with fashion brands for a long time now and designers try and experiment with their items of clothing but trust me, just because Kendall Jenner has done it, doesn’t mean you have to do it too. Kendall Jenner’s 2021 Met Gala look I loved the most. She wore a see through embelished dress, so stunning. However, Met Gala is a specific kind of event where everyone overload their creativity as per the theme that has been given. Also, designers show their creativity in fashion shows but many designs cannot be worn in public. Glamour field is highly influential but you don’t need to follow everything they do. Your innerwears are supposed to be inside the clothes you wear. There is a reason it has been called innerwear. Imagine a man is wearing a pant that has his underwear and the shape of his thing is clearly visible, it’s awkward. The same way, it’s awkward to wear something where your innerwears are clearly visible. It’s okay If you are wearing it for any specific reason or if you belong to a perticular profession but if you are wearing this on an everyday basis casually then you might end up wondering why am I being asked out by perverts only.

There are many more styles that are inappropriate to wear but these 5 are on top of my list.

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    1. Hi Sabeera, thanks for your question. It’s a broad topic to talk about but to some it up, anything that has bad stitching, cuttings, color combination and cheap fabrics. Anything that cheapens your appearance.

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